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Founded in 1984. Mr. Natural brings you high quality/low cost music lessons to the Bay Area.
Mr. Natural's Music School @ Hayes & Ashbury SFCA
Founded in 1984, Mr. Natural's Music School brings high quality-low cost music lessons to the Bay Area. In the beginning, we knew we wanted to bridge the musical gap between the musicians who can only read music and the ones who can only play by ear. We discovered that the best way to develop well-rounded musicians who can play, improvise, read and write music is to get them to think like composers. After years of experience, we have developed an entirely new approach to the subject of music theory and teaching.
We are open Monday thru Friday from 3:30pm til 10pm. Please call us for an appointment at 1-415-668-0933, leave your phone number and a short message.

One half hour weekly for 4 lessons $100
Full hour weekly for 4 lessons $200

Email: mrnatural@mrnatural.net